Sunday, December 4, 2011

Leaving Him Behind

Maybe it's because being part of the Operation Christmas Child ministry means that we 'do Christmas' all year long.  Or maybe it's because the energy we expend to get through National Collection Week for OCC leaves us with little left to enjoy the season.  Whatever the reason, I find that in recent years I have a hard time getting really excited about Christmas.

Last night, however, I so enjoyed the children's Christmas musical at Grace Church.  I had lots of laughs and some times of tears--especially when the young soloist sang "Shine On Us"--one of my favorite songs.

The most convicting time for me, though, was when I watched Jesus get left behind in the living nativity scene.  One of my beautiful first-grade school students played the role of Mary.  This animated pixie with gorgeous caramel-colored skin sat on the stage and cradled Baby Jesus in her arms.

Soon, though, she got caught up in the singing.  She put Baby Jesus on the floor and kind of forgot about him while she got involved with doing the motions of the songs.   In fact, he never got picked up for the rest of the program and just lay there on the floor alone.

I think that happens to Him a lot during this season.

I thought about how in the midst of a year-round Operation Christmas Child ministry focused on providing as many gospel opportunities as possible so children can hear about Jesus there is always a danger that I will somehow forget about Him.

Jesus, I don't want to put you aside so I can just go through the motions.  Don't let me ever leave You behind.

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  1. So touching. Thank you for sharing this; it is a good reminder to us all that "Jesus" is the reason for OCC.