Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Details

Once again I feel like I'm sitting on a mountain of details. For months I'd been holding out for the Operation Christmas Child packing party on September 24th. I envisioned that at the end of that day the storage container and my house would both be empty. Well, I guess one out of two isn't bad.

I looked at the storage container this morning and realized it still looks full. We're looking at another possible smaller packing party for October 21st and, once again, I hold out hope that after that date we can get the container cleaned out and the 15,000 bags of candy put into cartons to be trucked to the processing center.

But then I realized that even after that weekend the container will still hold the boxes that people at the church have filled that are waiting for National Collection Week from November 14-21. So....maybe by Thanksgiving the container will be cleared out? Hope springs eternal.

Still, I'm so grateful to God for these leftover items that will allow us to pack more boxes because, as I told the dear folks when I spoke for a few minutes in church this morning "ONE box=ONE child=ONE soul." Each box means one fewer child who will go without.

My home is starting to fill up again. Today I brought home crayons to be bagged and cartons of toothbrushes to sort and cartons of flat boxes to distribute to other churches.

More details. But I'll just get through them one by one because, by God's grace, more details means we're NOT DONE YET!

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