Saturday, January 8, 2011

Candy Cane Capers

Kids all around the world love sweets, so a small plastic bag filled with candy is a great filler for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I wait until the first week of January each year for the Candy Cane Caper where I scour the stores for cheap candy canes. My goal is to get them for a penny or less each.

Our Target store finally went to 90% off yesterday so a 24-pack of candy canes was just 24 cents. My husband made a trip and I made a trip and we cleaned out the store. The problem is we only got about 4000 large candy canes and 4000 mini ones--less than half of what we got at the Target last year. I like to put 2 large candy canes and 3 other pieces of candy in each 'candy bag' so that means I'm looking for 30,000 candy canes and I'm still a long way off.

Several people have been buying candy canes and I've put the word out to my daughter who lives south of here so I may have more than I realize.

Still, this morning I headed out and made the rounds of 12 different stores. I hate asking managers for discounts or donations but God is giving me more courage to do that. I asked the manager at the 26th & Asbury Walmart (where they have more than 400 12-packs on the shelves if they'd reduce them or donate but they have to ask the store manager and get back to me. Praying for favor there.

But God granted me favor at the Elm St. Walmart where they sold me 485 packs for 10 cents each--another 5,820 candy canes. It started to snow as soon as I got them home, but I got them inside and the above picture is the view 3 ft. inside my back door.

I might have almost enough for at least one candy cane for each box but please pray with me for more. I know God has good and SWEET plans for these 2011 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

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