Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lately I'm struggling with questions about whether I'm doing enough for Operation Christmas Child. At this time last year I was spending nearly every free minute packing boxes or getting ready to pack boxes. When I watched television, I would be wrapping boxes or bagging candy. I usually spent one weekend day and one weekday evening packing boxes.

But this year I'm not doing any of that. I don't know whether to collect boxes from shoe stores because I don't know where to store them. I don't know whether to start packing boxes because I can't figure out where to put them either. So am I doing enough?

Of course there's always the time spent bargain shopping. I can't resist following the leads I hear about on the OCC Extranet or on Facebook. I don't want to miss one chance to get a great deal. For example, on Tuesday I left for work a half hour early so I could go to the eastside Wal-Mart to see if they had Valentine's items on sale (nothing there) then stopped at a Dollar General to see if the winter clothing items were 90% off (not yet) then went to Rite-Aid to check for Valentine's items I heard were 90% off (missed them--all gone). When school was out I traveled across the interstate to Target where I finally scored a victory and picked up 116 pairs of kids' winter gloves for $16.00.

Is it enough?

My ministry description says I ought to be spending 15 hours a week on OCC. I could be making a lot of phone calls in 15 hours. I look at the red rubber braclet on my wrist that reminds me in bold letters to "Pray for O.C.C." I've been praying but not for 15 hours a week. I've been asking God to do what only He can do, but is there more that He's calling me to do?

How do I know when it's enough?

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