Sunday, July 26, 2009

Under Grace

It took a real clear leading to get us to leave our former church--Wesley Church--last November. We'd been talking about the need to leave for some time but I kept dragging my feet and wondering how I could keep packing large numbers of shoe boxes in a new church.

I remember my OCC Mid-Atlantic director, Leigh, telling me, "You have to do what God's telling you to do." So we started attending Grace Church--a church with more than 1,000 attending on the weekend--a mega church by Erie standards. I continued packing boxes at my old church and no one has asked me to stop yet, even though I feel like I'm trespassing as I work quietly in the church basement.

Some weeks ago Grace Church offered me a huge storage space and this week I had a second meeting with staff members to discuss involving Grace in Operation Christmas Child. Really, all I wanted was for them to give me space in their facility to hold a one-day community packing party.

Instead, God went so far beyond my expectations in that meeting. They fully embraced the project and ideas bounced around that table like hyperactive toddlers. They'll be asking church attenders to donate items for packing boxes and then host a huge packing party with the goal of packing more than 4,000 shoe boxes in one day.

Now I'm calculating and making lists and waiting on God to provide all the items to make it happen. Can't wait to see Him do it.

There's nothing like being under His grace at Grace.

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